Tamari Not Inherently Wheat-Free

This is an instance where the rest of you are probably gonna think, “Well, DUH, Anna.”

I don’t know where I got the mistaken idea that Tamari sauce is inherently wheat-free. Probably because in 2002, after being diagnosed with celiac, I went straight to Whole Foods and bought Wheat-Free Tamari. Then somehow I decided that tamari is soy sauce without the wheat.

So for the past few months, I’ve been buying the San-J Tamari with the Black Label, at my local How’s, thinking how lucky I am that I don’t have to drive the extra miles to Whole Foods to buy a wheat free product. Today, fresh out of tamari, I head to How’s, and the intuition kicks in to CHECK THE LABEL. The black label San-J tamari sauce is NOT wheat free, it is chock full o’ wheat.

I’m admitting this carelessness of mine in a public forum in case anyone else has been making this same mistake. Buy the San-J Wheat Free Tamari with the Gold Label. To check the labels, even if you think you know the ingredients.

Guess it’s high time I get practicin’ what I’m preachin’.

Coming later today…the GF version of that delicious pork-within-pork creation Mario Batali made on Oprah a couple of weeks ago…



  • Explain this one.<BR/><BR/>Why is it that Pringles (not flavored Pringles, onto which the flavoring must be STUCK using a wheat-like product) need to have wheat in ’em?<BR/><BR/>Got glutened this week and have bubbles on my fingers that are driving me batty!<BR/><BR/>(I do love me some Tamari. Whatcha makin’??)

  • Don’t feel too bad. You’re not the only one that’s made that mistake =)

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