Take my old recipe for Turkey Mince Shepherd’s Pie, replace the mince with beef and pork if you choose, and make a cauliflower mash in place of the potatoes. You won’t miss those potatoes, friends.  This I do solemnly swear.  This is guilt free comfort food, 
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We have an Instant Pot Giveaway Winner!!  Tommy W. from Kirkland, Washington!!  Tommy and his girlfriend are getting back into shape while taking care of their beautiful 1 year old daughter, and he’s using the recipes in Eat Happy to stay on track with NSNG 
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Today, I’m laying out a dry rub for pork chops.  I prefer bone-in chops as they remain so much juicier while cooking, but boneless pork chops are also a joy to eat. We usually grill 2 rather large chops at a time, so just scale 
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